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Aim Yourself

It might not be clear why a web site about inner beauty would discuss Life Purpose.  The answer is simple.  One of the most profound sources of beauty is knowing what you want in life.

Many self-improvement books suggest that the most important element of success is a strong sense of Life Purpose.  Or they might suggest that you must follow your passion, or that you must, as Joseph Cambell so colorfully proclaimed, "follow your bliss".  They go on to say that once you identify what your are passionate about you will know exactly what to do, have abundant energy to do it and that the universe will assist you on your path.  That rings true.  However, these same books offer little or no information on identifying one's passion, purpose, core desire...   Many of us, then, are left wondering.  Barbara Kerr even suggests that narrowing your choices down to a single passion or purpose becomes even more difficult the more intelligent one is.  Wouldn't that be an irony?

That elusiveness has vexed me, personally, all my life.  So in 2006 I began a research project, which I continue to this day, of information written on the subject.  Among the materials I discovered was Barbara Kerr's wonderfully-titled book, I could do anything If Only I Knew What It Was [capitalization hers].  I single that book out not so much because it is best-of-breed but because it contained an exercise for finding one's highest value.  I went throught the exercise and to my surprise I found that my highest value is ... beauty.  Supposedly I see everything through a lens of beauty - even seemingly-unrelated things such as software development.  That discovery is what prompted me to create this web site.  I digress.


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