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Dogs Won't Breathe Bad Air

Have you ever noticed that in the presence of heavy pollution, like from cars, dogs will try not to breath the bad air? Taking a queue from our four-legged friends, I also try to stop breathing on particularly bad intersections and stretches of city roads. Its not always possible but its worth trying.

If you breath the carbon monoxide from cars (or anything that burns, like cigarettes) it will bond to the haemoglobin in your red blood cells with 100 times the strength of the oxygen bond. Those red blood cells become useless for the remaining time in their six weeks of life. Useless meaning they can't transport oxygen. Oxygen is required by the body for all healing activities, minor and major. If you can't heal you will be less beautiful. If you look carefully at a smoker's face you will notice a lack of rosy cheeks and an overall apperance of 'deadness' of the skin. That is obviously less beautiful than it could be.

With all the talk about how bad all the chemicals in cigarettes are, I think the chemicals are a picnic compared to the carbon monoxide poisoning. Cancer cells, for example, like low oxygen environments, and so do the nastiest microbes.

Try to breathe good air. Avoid carbon monoxide.


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