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Fluoride Insanity

If you live in a place where the government has ceased the ill-conceived practise of poisoning the water with fluoride you needn't read this.

Avoid fluoride. Fluoride will reduce your exuberance and so reduce your beauty. Use toothpaste without fluoride. Remove fluoride from your drinking water. Rage to the few remaining foolish, ignorant governments that persist in this heinous affront. Flouride will make you sluggish and can cause abnormal bone growth.

Observe the illogic of the dental profession. Ask them if a broken tooth can repair itself. Ask them if a dental cavity can heal. With few exceptions they will tell you, "no, teeth are dead". At least that's what they have said to me. If that is the case how can fluoridation do any good? There is obviously so much misinformation on this subject along with a stink of mindless conformity that the idea lacks all credibility.

I even have a pet theory that fluoride is the cause of so many young women needing to have their wisdom teeth removed. Fluoride causes abnormal bone growth so why wouldn't it affect teeth?

Fluoride was previously used as rat poison.

Hitler experimented with fluoride as a means to control a population.

The aluminum fluoride that some governments dump into our drinking water is a by product of aluminum smeltering and is more toxic than the sodium fluoride used in toothpaste.

I could go on but I'm getting myself too worked up.

Just say no to poisoning the water with fluoride.


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