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Surviving Public Transport

For the Mysophobes Among Us

I keep a pair of white cotton gloves with me, the ones from the supermarket. In a pinch I'll put one or two on if I have to stand for a long time on a bus or train and hold on to something disgusting. I know it sounds excessive but if you try it once you will enjoy the benefit. You might get some looks but does it really matter? And to be clear, its not really just microbes I'm avoiding - its also the rancid body oils which have accumulated on various surfaces over the years.

Armrest Handkerchiefs

I try to carry an extra handkerchief in hot weather. I often wear short sleeved shirts in hot weather and end up with my arms on a sticky armrest. I lay down the handkerchiefs on the armrest and travel in comfort.

Use Taxis Freely

I rely on public transport but I freely use taxis. They are a little pricey but why suffer. If you are not driving, you are saving money and looking after the environment. It seems fair to reward yourself whenever you like with a taxi. A taxi charge card is useful too.

The Elusive Small Backpack

When you use public transport you need a small backpack. Backpack manufacturers and bag retailers don't get it. It is nearly impossible to find a small, high-quality backpack. Its easy to find a huge backpack. Sure, you occasionally need a big backpack but usually the smaller the better. the small ones you can find are usually pink with a pcture of Barbie and have cheap, thin straps. I walk into every bag shop I pass and look for a small, high-quality backpack with good padded straps. On the rare occasion that I find one, I buy it without hesitation knowing that it will be a year before I find another one.

Remind bag shop managers to stock small backpacks with thick, wide, padded straps.

While I'm ranting about backpacks - you bag manufacturers: if you thoughtfull include a thin laptop section but it at the back so the bag doesn't fall over forward.


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