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Aim for Part-time Work

Slaving away 5 days a week is fun for a while but begin angling for part time work as soon as possible. The ideal schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Monday because it builds character (kidding) and because its not so bad if you know you have Tuesday off. Wednesday is peak day and if you have a job, you should be there on peak day. Thursday is for finishing things up for the week. Skip Friday to ovoid the over-caffeination and time-wasting that characterizes that day.

Take Your Holidays

Take your holidays as soon as they are allocated. Don't save them up.

Tom Peters' Suggestions For Subversive Projects

Tom Peters has some wonderful suggestions for undertaking subversive projects at work that have the dual benefits of being fun and exciting and also benefiting the company.

Zero Impact Workout

Do some kind of exercise during the work day. I prefer my at Zero Impact Workout but anything that re-oxygenates you will do.

Ionizer/Purifier and Humidifier

The air in most offices is not nurturing. Buy a humidifier and an air purifier/ionizer. Put them under your desk and keep them on while you are at work. You may want to keep the ionizer on overnight.

Care for your eyes

Don't use the vasoconstrictor eyedrops, but at any time during the day when the office air leaves your eyes dry, put pure teardrop-type eyedrops in each eye. The single dose ones are best. Also, while you are waiting for your computer to do something, don't stare at it -- close your eyes for a moment.

Pure Water

Make your tea and coffee with purified water. Avoid fluoride and other poisoning. Bring your own decaffeinated coffee and a plunger. After a week of drinking a nice decaf, you'll get just as much buzz from it and stress your kidneys less. Go without caffeine for a day once in a while.


If you can't avoid working in an office 5 days per week, at least have a lunchtime massage once or twice a month. Whenever I'm forced into working long stretches in an office, I have a massage every day.

Give me 30 seconds

A friend of mine gave me this trick. I pointed out that when someone enters your work space and starts a difficult conversation you are often at a disadvantage because you have been concentrating deeply on something. I asked him how does he gain the upper hand. He always says, "Give me thirty seconds". That is an excellent idea on so many levels.

Stand Up

This is related to the above imbalance of power when someone assaults you at your desk. If you remain seated they have an advantage. Always immediately stand up. It will startle them but the conversation will be on an even playing field. Also, stand up frequently and stretch during your work day. pull each leg up behind you, one at a time, like joggers do to warm up.

Lie Down

If there is any possible way to lie down for five minutes during your work day, do so. Have a clean towel at work, lie down and put your feet on your chair. If you are forbidden from doing that, so be it. But if only embarassment stops you, get over it.

A Warning and Then Follow Through

I confess that this and the previous topics may seem slightly outside of the mission of Core Beauty. However if one is happy and successful at work, one will be more beautiful. If you have a serious issue with someone, don't bottle it up, don't fly off the handle and don't go straight to the boss with it. Just tell them that if they won't cooperate with you then it will be your duty to inform the company about the issue. Simple and calm but powerful.


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