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Happiness, Smiling and Laughter


Amazingly, you can alter your happiness just by deciding to. At any time you can decide to be 20% happier - and you will be. The hardest thing is remembering to do it. Is there anything that makes someone more beautiful than being happy? Why not smile and laugh? Children do it.

A few years ago we saw the appearance of an unusual kind of club: the Laughing Club. I love the idea: people get together first thing in the morning, stand in a circle and just start to laugh. Why not? Sometimes they tell jokes to get things rolling but that's not necessary. Its funny enough that they are all standing there laughing.

Do yesterday's depressing newspaper stories and the horrors on the evening news matter?

People are wonderful - all of them - even the ones who don't seem so wonderful. Why not smile at them?

When things get bad why not laugh at how bad they are?

Your face is beautiful when you smile. All faces are beautiful when they smile, and the condition of the teeth don't change that.. Laughter brings beauty through health, and brings, as its aftermath, a beautiful natural smile.


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