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Massage, Sacred Massage


Most people know the joys of massage but few make the effort to partake of its intensely beautifying properties. A massage worker with whom one is comfortable is priceless. Even so, sometimes even the best ones need firm guidance to help them break the habit and overcome the inclination to work over-long on their client's back to the exclusion of the rest of the body.

Here are my initial instructions to any new massage worker I am "breaking-in":

  • spend most of the allotted time on my hands, forearms, feet, calves and face
  • use whatever time is left, if any, for my back
  • don't hurt my feet
  • don't massage the front of my neck, my armpits, or the glands near my groin
  • don't crack my neck, fingers or toes and don't 'snap' the ends of my fingers
  • don't do anything that might disturb my peace

Those instructions, if followed by a skilled massage worker, can result in the most sublime massage.

Here is an idea that is difficult to put into practice, again because of the fixed thinking of most massage workers. It is better for the massage to begin with you lying on your back - people tend to relax more quickly in that position. Then, after fifteen or twenty minutes, you will nearly fall asleep. That is a good time to turn on to your stomach. Ten minutes before the end of the massage you should turn back on to your back for face massage and so your face won't have marks on it when you leave (from lying face down). Although this is the best way of conducting a massage, it is almost impossible to get the average massage worker to change their routine so drastically. But its worth a try. Imagine if they could actually take the initiative turning you skillfully at just the right time. Well, I can dream.

The perfect Massage has a sense of stillness rather than of frantic activity. It occurs in a quiet semi-darkened candle-lit room. Soft music comes from the direction of the top of your head - not the left or right. A faint scent of rose is in the air. Some massage workers like to use strong essential oils like eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender - for antibacterial purposes. However, these oils, with the possible exeption of lavender, preclude relaxation. On the other hand, Rose Oil, being a mild antibacterial, offers the best of all worlds.

The best massage workers will rarely use their thumbs, favoring the palms and sides of their hands and their elbows when needed. I mention this because if I sense that a massage worker is using their thumbs, the knowledge that they are doing themselves harm prevents me from relaxing.

If using the services of a massage practitioner is impractical due to time, cost, location or disinclination there are good alternatives:

  • Massage Chairs
  • Massage Matts
  • Massage Devices
  • Just Lying Down

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