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In the sections below, we discuss some exercise programs. But when you are short of time try the following all-in-one exercise thats good to get the blood flowing.  Lie down on your back and do all of these moves simultaniously for a few minutes:

  • Open and close your hands and rotate them
  • Rotate your arms from the shoulders
  • Circle your hips - make sure to use your stomach muscles
  • Bend and straighten your knees
  • Flex and extend your feet
  • Open your mouth wide and close it with pursed lips while making an om sound
  • Rotate your head
  • Arch your back and then collapse your chest

I confess that it looks pretty funny - even for me. But its effective, simple and quick. Note that by "rotate" I mean move the appendage in the ball joint to which its attached, not turn it back and forth. In that case rotate your feet rather than flex and extend them - if you have the coordination.


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