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Looking After Your Hair


If you are frustrated by your hair dresser's lack of any sense of geometry consider getting a Flowbee. The Flowbee is a clever device which connects to your vacuum cleaner and enables you to quickly cut your own hair with a precision that cannot be accomplished any other way. It uses the vacuum to make your hair temporarily stand straight up so it can be precisely clipped off. More, it collects the hair straight into the vaccum cleaner so there is no mess.  Its construction reeks of cheapness but it works well.

Natural Color

Nature knows what she is doing in the beauty arena and has given each person the perfect hair color for maximum beauty and attractiveness.  There is no need to change it except for perhaps boredom.  In the case of boredom it might be better to get a hobby or pursue a new business rather than changing hair color.

Shampoo only occasionally

Shampoo is overrated.  It is too harsh and mostly unnecessary.  Instead, find a good finishing rinse and use a large amount of that on your hair, then rinse thoroughly, especially the areas just above your neck and just forward and up from your temples, your hair will be squeaky-clean but will be less dry and tangly and will be naturally manageable without too much, if any, additional product. In a pinch you can occasionally use a small amount of low-ph facial cleanser on oily parts of your scalp


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