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Looking After Your Skin

The best protection for your face is a mixture of Aloe Vera gel and Elastin Collagen Serum.   Just mix Aloe Vera gel with Finer Face's Elastin Firming Serum.

That said, the recent ideas about using concentrated vitamins on your face such as C and A are interesting. For example, in the morning after your shower or bath, being careful with your eyes, sprinkle a small amount of 100% vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) on your palm, add a small amount of purified rose-water and rub it on your face, neck, upper chest, back of your hands. Then, all day, the Ascorbic acid will provide a gentle peel. Make sure to have some commercial sea-salt liquid tears at the ready in case any gets in your eyes.

Regarding a more serious daily peel with cosmetic Vitamin A, known as Retinol, don't bother with the expensive cosmetic-industry versions. To get sufficient-strength Retinol you need a perscription - its cheap and effective, but takes a couple of years to get rid of deep wrinkles. Be careful with Retinol.

While strictly unecessary, the L'Oreal products can be a nice treat once in a while. Rumor is that they come off the same production line as the more expensive Lancome products. Also, to linger a moment longer in the cosmetic world, the various roll-on, caffeinated, under-eye products can be quickly effective for dark circles and bags.

For rashes and areas where you tend to develop blemishes make a second version of the above with a few drops of tea tree added.  Use it daily on troublesome areas even when they are blemish free.

Sun - get some sun on your entire body every day when the sun is no higher than 34 degrees in the sky.  See The Zero Impact Workout for a way to combine sun with exercise. Be careful with the front sides of your neck and your upper chest. These areas can develop a permanent redness called Poikiloderma of Civatte, due to visible dilated blood vessels which an only be treated with a Laser.

Body Lotion - buy unscented moisturize base in quantity and decant it into a pump bottle.  Add a little jojoba and a few drops of Rose Oil and shake it up.

Anhydrous Wool Fat(link) is another trick I learned from airline cabin crew, the ultimate experts in hydration.  Many of them use it on their lips.  It looks fantastic on women as an inexpensive lipstick substitute and as it brings out the natural color of your lips.  On a man it can be a little shiny but can be patted down and brought under control.  Put a dob in a small screw-cap container and keep it with you. 

Unlike other oils, anhydrous wool fat doesn't travel along your skin much and doesn't irritate your eyes. So, if you want to look extra beautiful the next day you can put a little on your laugh wrinkles before you go to bed.


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