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Everyone knows the importance of sleep to beauty.  So, having suffered from insomnia when I was younger I will share a foolproof way to get to sleep quickly.

Don't go straight to your sleeping position.  Instead lie on your back with your calves resting on an extra pillow that is thick enough so that your heels don't touch the bed.  Relax in that position.  Soon, depending on how wound up you might be, you will want to turn over into your sleeping position.  Don't.  Wait a little longer until you can stand it not more and until you actually sleep for just a second.  I always snore a tiny snore that wakes me.  Then turn into your sleeping position and if you like drag the extra pillow up and lie your chest on it.  You will drop off to sleep almost immediately.

On rare occasions I might be so wound up about something or have had coffee too late in the day.  Then I take more drastic measures which amount to getting up taking one direct-chewable aspirin with a third of a glass of milk.  Try it.  After that use the above technique and it won't be long until Morpheus sweeps you away to dreamland.

If you are lucky enough, during the night, to find yourself in a lucid dream (where you know you are dreaming) take the opportunity to direct the movie in any entertaining way that whimsy suggests. I would love to hear about your adventures.


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