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Looking After Your Teeth

Make your own Mouthwash

Make a mouth wash concentrate by mixing up the following

  • 50 ml of 20% miscible teatree oil
  • 21 drops of pure teatree oil
  • 89 drops of spearmint oil (convert this to teaspoons)
  • 89 drops of liquid Stevia (convert this to teaspoons and it may need 144 drops)

to make the mouthwash add about a half teaspoon of the concentrate to 250 ml purified water

Brushing Correctly

Brushing each stroke from the gums, along the tooth rather than accross it cleans in the cracks, takes less energy and causes less unecessary wear for the teeth.  I like electric toothbrushes which allow me to only touch each tooth briefly in a quick gum-to-edge motion.  As an aside, I've seen it suggested that brushing your teeth with your left hand can raise your IQ a few points.  Being an advocate of ambidextrousness (for beauty and aesthetic and structural balance) I believe that, but I can see how some could be sceptical.

The Best Floss

Flossing every night without fail avoids many dental problems, discomforts and unpleasant breath.  Its a skill at which you get faster and faster.  Even lazy, sloppy flossing is beneficial.

The best floss is the Desert Essence dental tape.  Note that I haven't been able to conveniently get it for a few years.  Its more string-like than tape-like.  It was thicker than other flosses.  I now use Reach brand Clean burst floss.  Its not as thick as I'd like but it is impregnated with a heavy dose of spearmint, which is nice.


The teeth whitening kits at the supermarkets seem to work well now days. Find one that has molds that you heat and customize for your own upper and lower front teeth. One interesting variation is the ones that include a blue light which reacts with the whiteners you paint on your teeth.

Whenever I'm going to see a client or any other important event you will find me walking around the house for twenty minutes with the whitener mouthpieces in. Its worth the trouble


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