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Some Comments on Diet = Beauty

Need I belabor the effect of diet on beauty?  I think not.

We hear it over and over but its so easy to forget: don't eat two hours before retiring.

There is an aspect of common sense to eating breakfast when you are hungry.  Imlementation difficulties notwithstanding, stuffing one's face as soon as one's wake up is over-rated.

Try to overcome addiction to carbohydrates.  Don't worry about "not getting enough carbohydrates".

Saturated fats have gotten a bad rap on no real evidence, only anecdotes.

There is not a single organism on earth, besides man, that will eat margarine.  Not rats.  Not cockroaches.  Not bacteria.  It is already fully rancid and can get no worse, so that in 10,000 years a tub of margarine will be as 'fresh' as it is today.  The sensation of putting a small amount of butter on one's tongue couldn't be more different than doing the same with margarine.

Hand-harvested salt from the sea is delicious and has many benefits including hunger-supression and being a source of Ormus.  It is annoying that the poisonous substance sodium chloride has stolen the word salt for itself.

Soy products aren't all they are cracked up to be.  Initially, the soy marketers tried to sell soy products to the poor.  The poor wouldn't have it.  So the soy marketers moved up scale and touted it as a healthy product.  Beware.

The holy word 'chocolate' has been blashphemed by products consisting mostly of sugar, unhealthy oils, soy products and precious little chocolate, let alone cocoa butter.  80% cocoa-mass rules.

Bless those food outlets willing to go to the trouble of making fresh, labor-intensive fruit juice for us.

Ancient India and ancient China and other older cultures learned a thing or two about food.

How is it possible that mangoes and avacados are so delicious?

Nigella Lawson: "if I don't have a red onion, I don't have an onion".



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