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Rose Oil - The Queen of Essential Oils


Is there any plant more beautiful than a classic red rose? Can you see the way that it, how can I put this, exudes roseness? A fully bloomed rose has an almost comical quality, even a certain ridiculousness in its over-the-top sensuality and bounty. And the fragrance! Rose oil captures the mango-like excessiveness of the rose.

I had long been an afficianado of essential oils but had not used rose oil. I discoverd the wonder of that classic oil when a tomcat defiled a friend's air conditioning outdoor unit which affected the air inside. I went to a shop that sold essential oils and slowly and carefully smelled every one looking for an aroma that was the opposite of tomcat. Frankly a lot of them seemed more similar to tomcat than opposite. Then I opened the rose oil. There was no doubt, it was in a class of its own.

One little-known fact: rose oil is a mild antibiotic. Perfect!

Since my rose oil epipheny I have bought rose oils from all over the world and even found an amazing mix of synthetic and natural rose oil which is perfect for certain things like outdoor use or every-day homemade bath oil.

I confess that my life has not had much gardening in it but my love of roses is tempting me to try my hand at growing these symbols of sensual beauty and love.

If my readers are interested in the subject of rose oil I will provide specific details of my findings and my many uses of its wonderful fragrance.

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