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Short Skirts and Heels Are Misunderstood


Let me start by confessing that like the rest of the 3 billion men in the world, this is a topic that is dear to my heart and so I am not completely unbiased. Still, it may be useful to someone.

A short skirt and heels is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. Its sexier than a bikini. Its sexier than just wearing undies. Its sexier than being buck naked. Oddly, its even sexier when she is well covered on top. Why is this? Here is my hypothesis.

The short skirt serves several purposes: it divides the body pleasingly, it accentuates the curves and beauty of the thighs, it geometrically reflects the abdomen area, it gives a sense of something of great interest being under, inside, up the skirt.

There is a certain design error that can tip a short skirt into looking cheap: the back of the skirt is shorter than the front. That is because most short skirt designers do not take the curve of the buttocks into account. That beautiful curve pulls the skirt up in the back. Its a bad look that cancels out the geometric and erotic beauty of the short skirt. It is nearly impossible to find a short skirt that avoids that problem. In most cases the hem will need to be redone. Ideally the short skirt will be a centimeter longer in the back than in the front.

There is a perfect length for a short skirt. If you examine the inside of a woman's legs you will notice that there is a subtle curve. That curve protrudes maximally at a point a little above the halfway point of the thigh. That point is the perfect length for maximun aesthetic value of the short skirt. Having said that, the daring might consider having the skirt length be one centimeter above that point. Any shorter than that loses the beaty and erotic power of the short skirt and just looks silly.

One final observation on the skirt. I cannot understand why an extra frill layer around the short skirt - essentially a second, even shorter skirt - adds so much to the interest of a short skirt. I would have thought it would just be too girly. The frill layer admittedly has only specialized applications - mostly day wear - but its appeal remains. A mystery.

A word about heels. Heeled shoes go perfectly with a short skirt. However there should be no confusion about the height of the heels. It is not necessary that they are 'high' heels. Any thin pedestal will work its erotic magic -- even one inch. Also note that adding extremely pointed toes to heeled shoes does not increase their erotic power and indeed can add a cheapness to the ensemble and show a lack of taste. Normal-shaped heeled shoes are perfect.

A viscious and degrading nickname for heeled shoes has come into the vernacular, particularly with regards to 'high'-heeled shoes. They are sometimes referred to as 'f**k-me shoes' or 'f**k-me pumps'. This phrase was invented by men and sanctioned by women who have a distaste for displays of erotic power. A more accurate, though less snappy, name for heeled shoes would be 'I'll f**k whomever I wish pumps'.

Every woman should, at least once in her life, revel in the glory of her beauty and bring more beauty into the world by wearing an accurately-fitted short skirt and heels.


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